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OO’tanova  Yulduzxon.. Ingliz  tili 5-sinf.  What can animals do?


Theme: What can animals do?


Educational:        - "Maugli" hikoyasini o'rganish; - o'rmondagi hayvonlarni o'rganish. FK1,FK 2,FK 3

Developing:         - o'quvchilarning hayvonlarning yashash joylari va ular qila oladigan narsalar haqida gapirishlarini ta'minlash;- aniq va batafsil ma'lumot uchun o'qishni rivojlantirish FK1,FK 2,FK 3

Up bringing:        - o'quvchilarimizning an'anamiz va millatimiz haqidagi

                               bilimlarini boyitish FK1,FK 2,FK 3

Learning outcomes for English competence C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6; FK1,

FK 2,FK 3:  At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to talk about the animals   in the jungle; - the things the animals can do.

Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work

Method of the lesson:  nontraditional, mixed


Equipment of the lesson: Textbook “New Fly High 5”, pictures, internet, computers, projector.


Part of the lesson






-to greet pupils.

- to check up the register

5 min


Repeating last lesson

- to give pupils some questions about last lesson.

 – to ask words from previous lesson

5 min


Explaining new theme

- to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

Activities  1-2



10 min



Consolidating new theme.

- to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme.

Activities 3-4

20 min




- To mark pupils

5  min



- Giving homework.


Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organizing moment: Motivation,Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.

Interaction pattern:Whole class

Time: 5 min

II. Asking homework:

Interaction pattern:Whole class

Time: 5 min

- Check for homework given on past lesson.

- Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.

III. Pre-activity:

Activity 1 Listen and repeat.

Objectives: to warm up by singing the song; to check homework

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min

STEP 1: Teacher asks the pupils to play the DVD. Teacher asks  the pupils to listen to the song and repeat it. Teacher asks the pupils to look at Unit 10 Lesson 1 Activity 1 for the DVD script.

STEP 2: Teacher checks the pupils’ homework. Teacher asks  the pupils to read their sentences to each other, listen to the sentences and guess the animal.


 IV. Main part

Activity 2 Find the new animals. Listen and repeat.

Objective: to introduce the new vocabulary

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min

STEP 1: Ask the pupils to look at the picture and name the animals they know. Ask “Which animals live in the jungle?”


STEP 2: Introduce the new words. Ask them to repeat all the words after you or the DVD.


Activity 3a Read and answer the questions.

Objective: to read for specific information

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min

Ask the pupils to read the text or listen to the text in the DVD and answer the questions. Explain that they must use the Past Simple Tense in their answers.


See Pupil’s book for the DVD script.

People live in cities and villages. Look at the boy in the picture. He lived in the jungle. His name was Mowgli. He did not live with his parents. In the jungle his father was a wolf. His mother Ruksha was a wolf too. Little wolves were his brothers. He liked playing with them. Mowgli had a lot of friends: the bear Balu, the black panther Bagira and the big snake Kaa. They were kind to Mowgli and looked after him. The tiger Sher Khan wanted to eat him up. There were a lot of monkeys in the jungle. They wanted to take Mowgli because he looked like a monkey. Mowgli was happy in the jungle because it was his home.

Activity 3b Read and match the animals and their names.

Objective: to read for detailed information

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min

The pupils match the names and the animals. You can also use the DVD for this purpose.

1 Ruksha

2 Bagira

3 Balu

4 Kaa

5 Sher Khan

Answer key: 1e; 2a; 3d; 4c; 5b

Activity 3c Write T for True or F for False.

Objective: reading for detailed information

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min


Ask the pupils to read the sentences and write T for true or F for false. Give them time to find the answers in the text.


Answer key: 1) T; 2) F; 3) F; 4) F; 5) T; 6) F; 7) T; 8) T


Activity 4 Write what animals in the jungle can do.

Objective: to reinforce the use of “can + verb” for ability through writing

Interaction pattern:

Time: 5 min

STEP 1: Ask the pupils to look at the pictures and the verbs under them.

Ask the meaning of the verbs. Then have the pupils repeat the words after you.

STEP 2: Ask the pupils to make sentences about what the animals in the


jungle can do using the verbs they have just revised.

VI. Evaluation. Giving marks

Interaction pattern:

Time: 2 min

VII. Homework

Interaction pattern:

Time: 3 min

Ask the pupils to look at the homework. Check that everybody understands what to do with the 2 tasks. If necessary, explain how to do the homework.

Possible answers:

Task 1: 1) climb / fly. 2) swim / jump. 3) jump / climb. 4) run / fly.


Task 2: The mountains in Uzbekistan are beautiful. There are a lot of flowers there. In the mountains there are a lot of small animals, snakes, birds and beautiful butterflies too. It is very cold in the mountains in winter. Not many big animals live there. It is a habitat for wild goats and sheep, hyenas and bears.