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Ushbu dars ishlanmasi O’zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining 2012-yil 10-dekabrdagi “ Chet tillarni o’rganish tizimini yanada takomillashtirish chora-tadbirlari to’g’risida” gi PQ-1875-sonli qarori va DTS talablari asosida tayyorlandi. Bu dars ishlanmadan umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktablarining ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilari 1-sinflarni o’qitishda foydalanishlari mumkin.

Muallif:        Amanova Mohidil. 40-sonli umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi.

Taqrizchi:    O’tanova Yulduzxon. 40-sonli umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi.

Mazkur dars ishlanmasi tuman metodika kabineti qoshidagi

o’quv metodika kengashining 2019  yil “04” aprelda  bo’lib o’tgan metodika kengashda ______ sonli qarori bilan

foydalanishga tavsiya etildi.

                   Ushbu dars ishlanma DTS talablariga asosan yozilgan.

                   Ko’rgazmali qurollardan foydalanilgan ona tili, adabiyot,

biologiya fanlariga bog’langan dars ishlanma noan’anaviy

usulda yozilgan. Dars ishlanmada o’quvchilarning siyosiy va

ma’naviy savodxonligiga, og’zaki nutqiga, grammatikasiga

hamda talaffuziga katta e’tibor berilgan.

Taqriz yozuvchi:    40-sonli umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabining ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Yu. O’tanova.



The theme of the lesson: Unit 12 Fruits
Lesson 3 At the market

Time 45 minutes   



- to learn how to say fruits/vegetables and their colours;

- to learn to count from 1 to 20;

- to learn how to be polite


- to enable pupils to speak about fruits/vegetables and their colours;

- to enable pupils to say the plurals;

- to enable pupils to say numbers 1-20


- to raise awareness of fruits, vegetables, their colours and plurals.

- to raise awareness of being polite while speaking to other people

The types of the lesson: GW. PW. IW.

The method of the lesson: mixed.

Required equipment: Textbook; the DVD of the book; flashcards describing fruits and vegetables; flashcards describing a happy face and a sad face

Activity 1 Listen and say.

Objective: to recycle numbers 1-20

First, have the pupils count the numbers 1-20 in chorus, then one by one in turns. Then say that instead of 5, 10 and 15 they need to clap but not pronounce. First, rehears in chorus, and then one by one in turns.


Activity 2 Look and count.

Objective: to recycle the vocabulary for fruits and numbers up to 20


STEP 1: Have the pupils repeat the fruits after me in chorus and individually. Then I’ll ask them to draw as many fruits as me say on the right side of the book (there is space allocated for drawing).

I’ve got 18 cherries



I’ve got 6 oranges .


I’ve got 3 watermelons



I’ve got 14 plums


I’ve got 8 bananas. 


STEP 2: I’ll Check how the pupils have done the task. Then the pupils themselves say sentences according to the pictures. For example:

I’ve got 14 plums, etc

Activity 3 Look and do.

Objective: to do physical exercise and energise the pupils

Give different commands. The pupils perform the commands by miming the actions.


Ski! Skate! Play hockey! Play snowballs!

Go! Jump! Run! Swim! Sleep! Climb! Fly! Dance! Stand up! Sit down!

Fly a kite! Play football! Jump a rope!


Walk like a bear!

Hop like a hare!

Run like a dog!

Swim like a frog!

Activity 4 Play “Listen, Run and Touch.”

Objective: to reinforce the vocabulary learnt in previous lessons


I’ll stick on the board two flashcards: one with a happy face and the other with a sad face. Then divide the class into 2 teams.  

Happy face:                       Sad face: 


I’ll explain that I will say about fruits and their colours. If the colour of the fruit is correct, the first leaders from both teams run to the board and tap on the flashcard with a happy face. If not, then they run and tap on the sad face. For example, I say the phrase “purple apricots” and ask the pupils what they have understood, if they agree with the colour of the fruit or not. If they do not, it means that the leaders must go and tap on the flashcard with a sad face.

Once they understood the rule, I can say similar phrases like “yellow bananas”, etc.
Activity 5a Look, listen and repeat.        

Objective: to introduce the new phrases

I’ll explain to the pupils that we must be polite while talking to other people we know or do not know. There a lot of such polite phrase. Some of them are:

- No, sorry.

- Yes. Here you are.

- Thank you.


Tell them the meaning of these phrases and then have them repeat after me in chorus and individually.

Activity 5b Play “At the Market”.

Objective: to consolidate the new phrases and recycle vocabulary for fruits and vegetables

STEP 1: Divide the class into 2 teams: “buyers” and “sellers”.

The “sellers” have 3-5 flashcards with fruits (you are free to use the flashcards with vegetables as well). The sellers lay their flashcards on the desk.

The rest are “buyers”, they go from one “seller” to another and ask:

- Have you got plums?

If this seller has not such a fruit (or a vegetable), s/he answers:

- No, sorry.

And the buyer moves on to another seller and asks:

- Have you got plums?

If there is, s/he answers:

- Yes. Here you are.

The buyer says:

- Thank you.

When all the fruits/vegetables are sold, all the pupils sit down. Or I  can set a time limit, i.e. when the time is up, I say ‘Time is up!’


STEP 2: Then the buyers speak about their purchases like “I’ve got strawberries. I like strawberries.” If the sellers have still got unsold fruits, they also speak.


Ill explain to the pupils that at home they should colour the pictures on the right hand page. Ask them to remember and say the number of fruits as they did in class. For example: I’ve got 6 oranges, etc.